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Every time I see pictures of self-harm, specifically cutting, it breaks my heart that someone is hurting that much. No one deserves that kind of despair. Self harm is nothing to joke about, its a very serious issue. We individuals are simply wiped out little souls who suppose its cool to say stuff to others. you’re not fat. you’re a failure. you’re ugly. If one doesn’t self harms its good. Your life is a bliss but that does NOT provide you the right to smack about somebody who doesn’t have the good phase of life going on.

Got your judgement Keep it to yourself. it could help save someone’s life. Some people say to say it straight to their face instead of behind their back, yet once in a while saying it behind their back is better, since it could spare their life. when they hear all the stuff you say in regards to them, they could go home and swallow that container of pills, take that blade to their wrist, take that gun to their head. You don’t know everyone. That one young lady who’s dependably joyful, smiley and sunshiny, could have scars up her arms and you wouldn’t know. Words harm. Watch what you say. It could end a life.

On stage  as a peace expert at Social Media Summit discussing Peace through Social Media. #SMS14

On stage as a peace expert at Social Media Summit discussing Peace through Social Media. #SMS14

Thar Action Plan.

Taimur Rehman, Shahroz Haider and me, along with many others worked together on this campaign “Helping Thar” on the social media, we all together worked on how we can use social media to raise funds to help the people of Thar, esp children over there.

+We’ve Raised $8500+ and we’re still raising more because a lot of work is to be done there.

+Bulk buying will be done from Karachi by Taimur himself. (I’m keeping a check on everything)

+We’ve collaborated with Cecil and Iris Chaudary Foundation; they’ll be working on ground at Thar to help with the distribution effectively. It is a 100% Trust worthy organization which has been up to support different causes at important times of need. They have a good experience in this disaster relief management, and inshAllah that will prove to be helpful.

The action plan at Thar as proposed is:

1. Children are so weak that they cant have solids. Hence we will be giving them ORS and light food first. Once they recover after 4 to 5 days. They will then be given solids.

2. It’s not only children. Thar’s biggest problem is water. Hence we will deliver water obviously bottled water.

3. Mothers who are breast feeding their children need the max attention. When they starve obviously it affects the child nutrition. Hence we will be giving multi vitamins to mothers so when they feed their children its helps their nourishment process.

4. There are Medical Camps operating on ground already. We’re supporting them with Medical Aid. We’re planning to set-up mobile medical camps for people far off.

We’re fundraising for ‪#‎Thar‬, A drought that has killed more than 200 lives. We all need to respond to this national call and help our countrymen there in Thar. 

If you are interested in donating any amount do contact me here directly, or call here: 03216111557

Tharparkar Relief Program (Please Reshare)

My humble request to all my friends living in Pakistan and abroad:

121 children have died in #Thar because of malnutrition. This would’ve affected us more, if our children were victims. The Govt. has not done anything and the thought that children haven’t eaten for days is suffocating me. I’m a father and I can totally relate what is it to see a child suffer.

Rescue Pakistan is joining up with Health TV, Faisal Kapadia, Ali Rahman etc to deal with this urgent call. Friends… whatever you can afford, even $1 would be great. Please … I request you all to please donate for Thar. Complete details will be shared i.e. all the donor information (names & amount donated) and also how the money has been used with public.

For friends in Pakistan, please donate in this standard chartered account account which is:

Account Number: 08002924201 
Bank: Standard Chartered
Bank Branch: Cantt Branch, Sialkot 
Swift Code: SCBLPKKX

Or you could donate via Easy Paisa etc, for that please message me up.

For friends in the UK, US:

You can send in money either by Paypal, Western Union, or Money Gram.
Paypal is:

For Western Union or Money Gram please contact me, i’ll share details.

With respect to this social call, please visit the following links:

I will be extremely grateful if ALL of you share this around and please come forward and give whatever you can. Thank you. And whenever you send in any amount do let me know so i can confirm back. Thanks.

P.S. You can contact me at: 00923216111557
Our previous work:

International Women’s Day in Pakistan.

Women’s day is not March 8. It is the day every man wakes up in awe of all the Women in and not in his life - his mother, sister, daughter, friend, colleague, boss, idol, actress, entrepreneur, financier, teacher, activist, scientist, the women on the streets, mentor or anyone who matters.

But seeking the opportunity, today I want to be thankful for not only the amazingly talented and wonderful women I have the pleasure of knowing personally in my life, but also the countless amounts of women worldwide and throughout history who provide courage, inspiration and guidance to others and who were/are dedicated to living truthfully, passionately and to ensuring that woman will never lose prevalence, purpose or place in our global society.

Realizing the situation of Pakistan, and what women in our country go through, i hope that one day things change for them, i see many of them around me, working hard to make it a better day for us, one day, they shall rise and shine.

My prayer comes from Tagore, ” In to that heaven of freedom, my God, let my country awake.”